Welcome to Hurricane Advanced

Welcome to MyFoxHurricane's advanced page. This is home to some of the more complicated weather models and maps, including several exclusives that you'll only find here. But don't worry if you don't consider yourself a weather geek -- each map includes an explanation from the experts here at MyFoxHurricane.com.

ECMWF (European) Model

  • ECMWF Operational Atlantic

  • ECMWF Operational Caribbean

  • ECMWF Ensemble Atlantic

  • ECMWF Ensemble Caribbean

Atlantic View

  • Sea Surface Temps

  • WRF Atlantic Model

  • Wave Heights

  • Atlantic Satellite

Caribbean View

  • Sea Surface Temps

  • Ocean Currents

  • Wave Heights

  • Caribbean Satellite

Gulf of Mexico View

  • Sea Surface Temps

  • Ocean Currents

  • Wave Heights

  • Gulf Satellite

World Satellite View

  • E Africa Satellite

  • Africa Satellite

  • W Africa Satellite

  • Atlantic Satellite

Additional World Views

  • US Satellite

  • Pacific Satellite

  • W Pacific Satellite

  • GFS Global View

WRF Model Views

  • WRF Shear Model

  • WRF Tropical Model

  • WRF Caribbean Model

  • WRF Atlantic Model

GFS Extended Atlantic Model Views

  • GFS Atlantic Prec. Water

  • GFS Atlantic Wind Speed

  • GFS Atlantic Pressure

  • GFS Atlantic Accum. Prec.

GFS Extended Caribbean Model Views

  • GFS Caribbean Prec. Water

  • GFS Caribbean Wind Speed

  • GFS Caribbean Pressure

  • GFS Caribbean Accum. Prec.

5km ARW WRF Model Views

  • NE 5km WRF Model

  • E.Coast 5km WRF Model

  • Florida 5km WRF Model

  • W.Gulf 5km WRF Model

CMC Model Views

  • CMC Atlantic MSLP

  • CMC Caribbean MSLP

  • CMC Atlantic Accum. Prec.

  • CMC Caribbean Accum. Prec.

Sea Surface Temp. Anomalies

  • SST. Anom. Atlantic

  • SST. Anom. W. Atlantic

  • SST. Anom. Caribbean

  • SST. Anom. W. Hemisphere

Additional Models

  • NAVGEM Atlantic Model

  • NAVGEM Caribbean Model

  • WRF Hurricane Model

  • Sea Surface Temperatures